How to add and resize widgets on iPhone

With iOS 14, users can easily add widgets directly to their home screens alongside their apps and other folders. Widgets are helpful for users to get glimpses of information without having to open the app. For example, users can view the headlines via the News app’s widget and they can view which song is playing through the Music widget directly on the Home screen.

The widgets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and now, most native iOS applications have their own widgets like Clock, Music, and Weather. Widgets come in three sizes and The amount of information provided with each widget depends on the size. The smallest ones are the same size as a 2 by 2 block of app icons,  medium ones are two icons high and four icons wider, and large ones are four icons wide and four icons tall. Here’s a simple guide on how to add and resize widgets on iPhone.

How to add and resize widgets on iPhone

Learn how to add and resize widgets on iPhone

  1. Tap and hold your screen. Let go when the screen starts to jiggle. Or tap and hold an app’s icon.
  2. Select the + (plus) button on the top right corner of the interface.How to add and resize widgets on iPhone
  3. Select the widget you want to add from the widget browser. You can search through the available widgets, and suggested widgets appear on top of the list. Pick your preferred size and drag and drop the selected widget anywhere on the home screen.How to add and resize widgets on iPhone
  4. Tap anywhere on the screen to exit jiggle mode.

To resize widgets, delete whichever widgets you want to resize and repeat the steps mentioned above to display them in your preferred size. The process is a bit complicated since Apple does not offer a way to edit widgets.

We hope this guide helped you learn how to add and resize widgets on iPhone. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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