Facebook introduces Slideshow for iOS app

People on social networking sites are always looking for new and creative ways to share their captured moments, so to cater to the current demand, Facebook has introduced new photos and videos sharing feature called ‘Slideshow’ for iOS users. Slideshow forms an entertaining complication of your photos and videos by adding filters and music.

To create a Slideshow, simply go to ‘post a status’ and add more than five photos/ videos taken in the last 24 hours and Facebook will offer to create a Slideshow. Also, when viewing someone else’s Slideshow, an option ‘Try It’ will appear for you to create your own Slideshow. Once you have selected the photos/videos, Facebook will automatically create your Slideshow. There are 10 themes available for you to choose from to set the music and transition style of your Slideshow and you can, also, easily add and remove images in your Slideshow before posting it.

Facebook introduces Slideshow for iOS app

The introduction of the new photo sharing feature could have been triggered by two factors:   competition and the drop in the sharing of photos on the site. Snapchat, Apple’s ‘Memories’ and Google Photos pose a genuine threat to use of Facebook as the platform to share photos. Secondly, Facebook has experienced a decline in sharing of personal content by its users, instead sharing of articles, news or viral videos are predominant on the site. With the introduction of Slideshow, Facebook is hoping to revive its usage as the unique platform for sharing personal content.

I personally recommend giving Facebook’s Slideshow a try for its transition style, music and filters add a new life to our photos.

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