Facebook launches accessibility and creator tools to make live-streaming available to more people

In light of recent circumstances, self-isolation is being practiced globally due to further growth in reported cases of COVID-19, and users are looking for means to stay connected via social apps to remain in touch with the world. The resulting measures of this ongoing pandemic have lead many people into live-streaming their day to day activities. To support this, Facebook is launching new features to make live streaming more accessible and easy to use. In the next couple of weeks, Facebook is aiming to make its live streams much more accessible to people who have poor internet connections or low mobile data.

The development team at Facebook is planning to launch audio-only mode along with automatic closed captions for live streams. It will also provide various options to stream outside of Facebook, along with logged out support, so that users outside of Facebook’s platform can also access it. This accompanies Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) support, allowing streamers to generate toll-free numbers. This way, viewers can call into the audio of a live broadcast.

Facebook Live

Facebook is providing partners, mostly faith-based and educational organizations and institutions, with mobile accessories to help them start their live streaming services. It is also launching a “live producer” feature for more professional setups along with a connected camera and software encoders. The company states that this feature will help in managing live streams more efficiently and includes tools such as comment moderation, overlaying and clipping.

Facebook Live may also allow viewers to host live events. The company’s star function will enable creators to make money over their live streams. Gamers have used this feature up till now, but it will be expanded over to musicians and cultural institutions as well. The expansions seem to nod off other known streaming services where artists can host donation-based streams.

These updates will be released globally by Facebook over the coming days.

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