Facebook Pay launches a new physical, person-to-person, payment method via QR codes

MacRumors contributor Steve Moser has discovered that Facebook Pay is introducing a new payment method by scanning QR codes. The new QR codes would allow users to quickly and easily send money to family and friends by instantly scanning ‘Quick Response’ codes.

Facebook Pay service was launched in 2019 in the United States on Facebook and Messenger apps. The payment service enables users to securely make purchases, donations, and transfer money. Users can also manage their payment activity in the Settings of any of the above-mentioned apps. Later the service was expanded to Instagram in select regions. And now the service is going to make it, even more, easier than before.

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay to introduce QR codes to quickly send money or make payments

Moser discovered the new payment feature in the Facebook Pay code and says that the company is rolling it out gradually. Compatible with major credit and debit cards and PayPal in the United States and for international payments, the service partners with PayPal, Stripe, and others. Therefore, by scanning the new QR code, friends and family will physically transfer money. The report describes the new features as,

Users will be prompted with a new “Scan” button in their Facebook Pay carousel. Pressing it allows users to scan a QR code for a friend or family member, select the amount, and transfer the money. Additionally, Facebook Pay is also introducing personalized payment links, which automatically direct others to a secure page to transfer money to your account.

Facebook Pay

Now it’s a matter of time to see if consumers use the payment service as a trusted and viable alternative to Apple Pay and others. Currently, the payment service is available in North America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean. To check if Facebook Pay is available in your country, click here.

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