Facebook is testing new labels for pages to help users to distinguish real pages from parody pages

Facebook has announced that it is testing new labels for pages to give users more information about who they follow. Starting in the United States, the social media company is using the new ‘Public Official’, ‘Fan Page’ and ‘Satire Page’ labels for posts in News Feed, so that users can clearly identify the real pages from the fan and parody pages.

Recently, Facebook introduced new control tools to manage users’ News Feed by showing most recent posts, giving them more information of suggested content in the ‘Why am I seeing this? and most importantly, the ability to restrict who can comment on their posts.


Facebook is testing new labels for separate posts from real and parody accounts

It is observed that it is very easy to create and run fake social media accounts of celebrities, politicians or other public figures with their currently used profile pictures. And news shared by such parody or fake accounts is taken believed and shared as real news. Therefore, Facebook’s new labels will help users to easily distinguish between real from fake at a glance.

As per the announcement on Twitter, Pages of politicians will be labeled as “public official” and posts from unverified pages will be labeled as “fan page” and “satire page”. The tested labels appear under the account holder’s name of the relevant posts. The social media platform is also providing definitions of the new labels such as “What are Satire pages?” and “Why are they labeled as Satire Page?”


The tested feature will limit the spread of fake news on the popular social media platform and measure the U.S Congress members are pressing the company to do. Last month, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg along with the heads of Twitter and Google appeared before the U.S Congress committee to explain the policies and practices to prevent the spread of fake information.

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