Facebook Video Chat In Collaboration With Skype, Coming Next Week!

Facebook has planned a “surprise event” on July 6 as announced by Mark Zuckerberg, the company CEO while addressing the press earlier. He tipped off the journalists that an “awesome” product will be launched at the event so “Please join us for an event at Facebook” on 6th of July. Wondering what the new product might be? Well, a source reveals its the in-browser video chat feature!


According to TechCrunch:

“Facebook will launch a new video chat product, powered by Skype, that works in browser. The product has been built on Skype and will include a desktop component. There’s very deep integration between the products, and from the user’s perspective, the product will be an in browser experience.”

Facebook and Skype have been closely working together in the past and if this feature goes public as expected, Skype will gain a substantial number of users from over 750 million registered Facebook members.

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[via TechCrunch]

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