FarmVille coming to iPhone and iPad

Now this is a really mixed ‘love or hate’ situation for a lot of people. The most hyped up Flash game on MSN Gaming Zone and Facebook is about to hit the iPhone and iPad. Oh, did I just say “Flash game” on the iPad and iPhone?


FarmVille is a game based on “social networks” in which a person grows “virtual crops” and creates his/her farm with the money they earn from selling those crops. Don’t get excited, it’s not real money.

Quite frankly, we’re not big fans of FarmVille – maybe a strawberry or two on our farm which got withered after sheer ignorance, and a mile long page of notifications related to fertilizing crops and gaining levels made us hate it. FarmVille is a Flash based game as we all know it and now it’s coming to the iPad and iPhone. But wait, it’s been made in iPhone’s native code! which sheds light on the fact that iPhone is darn capable of pulling off feats which Flash pulls off. But we believe that FarmVille on iPad and iPhone won’t be flash at all, you might know about the Adobe-Apple dispute related to Flash by now and by the looks of it “No Flash for you iPhone users!”.

We really want to see the working version of FarmVille on the iPad and iPhone and see how it performs and how much it is different from its Flash based counterpart. Zynga games for sure will make this one big as well. No release dates yet, FarmVille fans have to wait a bit till there’s an official date’s out.

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