Final Cut Pro for iPad cannot export content while running in the background

Apple recently launched Final Cut Pro alongside Logic Pro for iPad with a new Multi-Touch interface and more. While the app has been praised for its functionality, some users are disappointed that it does not offer all the features which are available on Final Cut Pro for macOS. And one such feature is the ability to export content in the background.

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Final Cut Pro must be kept open on iPad for a video to render

Final Cut Pro is an advanced video editing software for professionals, with powerful features and seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem. While Final Cut Pro for iPad is a good adaption of the Mac version, it does not offer all the features like working in the background.

For example, users cannot edit off of external drives on the iPad version of the software, nor can they export folders as a whole. Instead, users have to manually select clips by opening up each folder to import.

Twitter user @bzamayo recently shared his frustrations with the iPadOS version of Final Cut Pro. He raises an interesting point in his tweet, users do not want to keep the app open to export a video when they could be doing other things with their device. Not only is this inconvenient but it is a waste of battery life.

“Keep Final Cut Pro open until the export is complete” This point alone would put me off using it seriously, who wants to sit there with a foregrounded progress bar for minutes at a time … and feels like a dated restriction that iPadOS n+1 could remove, in light of vram/etc

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Another Twitter user replied to Benjamin saying the following:

Does not seem “pro”, that’s for sure. The Mac hasn’t required leaving an app frontmost for a long-running process since, what?, System 7 in the 1990s? And even then, the system prevented you from mistakenly botching the job by accidentally or absentmindedly backgrounding it.

@EddyGraphic1 said that this is why iPadOS will never replace macOS for him:

This is the exact same reason why iPadOS will never replace macOS for me, file management and background processing are terrible.

Many people in the Twitter thread do have some hope that Apple might release improvements and fixes for Final Cut Pro for iPad and till then, we will just have to wait and see what the Cupertino tech giant ends up doing.

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