Find Out Exactly Which Background App Is Draining Your iPhone / iPad Battery With BatteryDetective [Cydia]

BatteryDetective is a cool tweak for jailbroken iPhone and iPad that gives you an answer to your iOS device’s excessive battery drainage caused by apps running in the background. Accordig to the developer, BatteryDetective polls directly from the battery driver and can give you the most accurate information about your battery. There is no other real benchmark available with this kind of accuracy on Cydia or AppStore at the moment.

app_analysis.png app_analysis_done.png

BatteryDetective is currently limited to iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and iPad only. Its

key feature is to show the amount of drain Apps and Settings put on your device. It does so by analyzing apps running in the background and determines the amount of drain that they are pulling on your battery. In addition, BatteryDetective also has a “Manual Mode”, which tells you the amount of drain caused by your device’s Settings such as 3G/ WiFi, Bluetooth or even the iPhone 4′s flash.


BatteryDetective comes with Application Analysis as well as Settings Analysis and will be available soon in Cydia Store for $1.99.

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