Apple engineer shares first 5 #AppleToo stories of racism, discrimination and sexual abuse

Apple’s current and former employees have organized the #AppleToo movement for “deprogramming the Code of Silence at Apple”. And the de facto face of the movement, engineer Cher Scarlett has shared the first five stories of ill-treatment and discrimination faced by employees at the company.

The first set of #AppleToo stories are from Apple workers who went to the management and HR teams to resolve their issues but “none of these concerns were acted on or addressed in this process, and in many cases, the employee had to continue working in a hostile work environment.”


Here are #AppleToo stories of racism and discrimination

  1. ‘Black @ UK Retail’ story shares the alleged discrimination faced by a “serious black person.” The employee accuses that he/she was not chosen for the lead role because the worker was not the “black loud energetic person they were expecting.” The employee also states that in the Apple retail space in the UK, their black at Apple team was whitewashed with “a new black at Apple team was formed with two WHITE males and one black guy who works weekends.”

  2. ‘Targeted harassment ignored by management’ is the story of a female employee (minority) who was isolated by a white member of her team. The accused does not invite her to meetings, give her access to documents, acknowledge her accomplishments, and does not include her in social gatherings. Nothing is done about his racist behavior by the managers at the company.

  3. ‘Four years of witnessing discrimination and harassment’ story shares several sexual harassment incidents by female retail employees face daily and highlights discriminatory attitude towards white and colored employees. The employee alleges that nothing is done about openly predatory people in positions of power.

  4. ‘Abuse of power is not consent’ is the tragic story of the exploitation of a new manager by an experienced manager at Apple. Sadly, the victim complied with the harasser’s sexting and sharing sexual photos and other inappropriate requests. After a long time of the abuse, the harasser has received several promotions and the victim is denied any chance to move up.

  5. ‘Consistent Lack of Support’ is an employee’s unfortunate experience at a new Apple Store in a new city. The worker felt targeted by customers, employees, and leaders. She concludes that the “southern hospitality” garbage you’re fed through movies was all just a façade.”

More #AppleToo stories will be shared in sets of five and Scarlet claims that all the aggrieved employees are reaching out to her after reporting issues at the suitable forums in the company and being disappointed by their inaction. Read the complete stories here.

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