Fishbowl – Facebook client for Windows 7 updated with chat and improved performance


Fishbowl, the WPF based Facebook client developed by uxlabs@Microsoft has been updated with a couple of new changes and features. It gets a Facebook chat client, which is basically the chat widget running in a separate window although the online status of your friends is shown in a Facebook chat like bar in the app now.

Fishbowl for Facebook - PreviewThe performance of the app has improved as well. It consumes lesser memory now and is easier on the CPU. Settings, notifications, inbox and online status of friends are now shown on a bar at the bottom of the app.Capture

The rest of the functionality hasn’t changed much, but the improved performance makes it a whole lot more useable than it was before. I just might start using it regularly instead of the Facebook website if it can now implement support for Pages and Groups natively instead of loading them up in the in-app browser.

For detailed information on Fishbowl, check out our review. For those concerned, the latest version is

Download Fishbowl (website images don’t reflect the changes yet)

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