Apple’s App Store monopoly gets challenged: Fortnite returns to Europe on Epic Games Store

Epic Games announced they would bring Fortnite back to iPads in the EU after the EU decided to classify iPadOS as a “gatekeeper” under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This means Apple will have to allow alternative app stores on iPads, just like they now have to on iPhones in the EU.

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For years, Epic Games has been locked in a heated legal battle with Apple, challenging the tech giant’s restrictions on the App Store. These restrictions make it difficult for developers to distribute their apps outside of Apple’s walled garden, limiting user choice and potentially inflating prices.

Enter the European Union’s (EU) Digital Markets Act (DMA), a game-changer in this ongoing battle. This regulation aims to create a fairer digital marketplace by regulating big tech companies like Apple and Google.

One of the DMA’s key provisions forces these companies to allow alternative app stores on their devices. This essentially breaks Apple’s iron grip on app distribution within the EU, opening the doors for more competition and potentially lower prices for consumers.

Seizing this golden opportunity, Epic Games announced they would be bringing Fortnite back to iPhones and iPads in the EU, but with a twist: it won’t be available through the traditional App Store. Instead, players will be able to download Fortnite directly from the Epic Games Store, a competing app store launched by Epic themselves.

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Here’s where things get interesting for iPad gamers. While the iPhone version of Fortnite through the Epic Games Store is expected to arrive “soon,” iPad gamers will have to wait a bit longer. Epic has announced the iPad version is coming “later this year,” leaving a window of FOMO (fear of missing out) for eager players.

It’s important to remember that, for now, these changes are only happening in the EU. Players outside the European Union will still have to download Fortnite through the traditional App Store.

However, this move by Epic Games sets a precedent and could potentially pave the way for similar changes in other regions if the DMA proves successful.

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