Apple Publishes Four New iPhone 4 FaceTime Ads

Apple‘s product ads are always different and simple. They always concentrate on their product rather than showing off any other thing in their ads. But this time, the iPhone 4 are different yet again. Apple is concentrating more on FaceTime in iPhone 4 ads rather than showing apps. The connection between FaceTime and human emotions seems to be the focus in these ads and Apple has successfully managed to deliver the message.

These new ads show how FaceTime could be used to interact with different family members. The first ad shows how a daughter is not ready to smile because of her new braces but still somehow his father makes her smile. In the second ad, a son shows his newly born child to his father. In the third ad, a girl is showing her new haircut to her boyfriend and in the last ad a lady is trying to tell her husband that she is pregnant.

These ads don’t show iPhone 4’s high specs or super features. They show how iPhone Facetime is perfect for moments like these which are more precious than any other thing in life. Priceless moments.

With FaceTime, the iPhone 4 is perfect for those conversations youʼll remember for a lifetime.

[via AppleInsider]

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