Create Android Apps by simple drag and drop with App Inventor

To develop a good app, you normally need good coding skills in whatever language your are making it. This makes it difficult for people who have ideas but not good coding skills to come up with awesome apps. But now, Google has allowed people without any coding skills to make some crappy great apps by introducing Android App Inventor. It is a software which allows you to create apps with great ease by just dragging and dropping different ‘blocks’. But we don’t think that complex apps can be built with this tool.


The Android market already has more then 100,000 apps and most of them are worthless because Google doesn’t have a strict app filtering policy like Apple. With the introduction of App Inventor, a lot more low quality apps would be introduced for Android. Also respected developers who work hard to make apps for android will also not like this software because now any person without proper skills will start making crappy apps. Opinions may vary though, since a bad app can not compete with a great one in any way possible.

The good thing about this software is that Android users will be able to make simple apps for themselves very easily as demonstrated in the video. It would definitely make some users vert happy when they make apps for themselves and their friends but we don’t expect too much from App Inventor. Check out the video and the source to see how it works.

[via AndroidCentral]

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