Foxconn apologizes for delay in payments caused by a “technical error” at the iPhone City

Apple’s long-term iPhone assembly partner Foxconn has apologized for the delay in workers’ payments caused by a “technical error” in its system after riots erupted at iPhone City in Zhengzhou, China. The manufacturer has also assured the angry workers that their “reasonable” demand will be addressed. 

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China is facing another COVID-19 wave and to make matter worse for Foxconn, its largest iPhone assembly plant which manufactures iPhone 14 Pro models had a COVID-19 breakout. After a week-long lockdown, Foxconn began operations at the plant under a closed-loop production system. 

However, several workers escaped from the facility fearing the living conditions at the facility. To retain workers and attract new recruits, the manufacturer offered a record $50 daily bonus

Workers end protest at Foxconn iPhone City after receiving overdue payments

When violent riots erupted at the plant, the protesters were demanding better living conditions and payment of the promised bonuses. The manufacturer was accused of changing the contract to deny workers their bonuses.

Now, BBC reports that Foxconn workers have ended the protest since the situation has been resolved. Workers have started to receive their overdue payments. 

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In a statement, the manufacturer said a technical error was responsible for the confusion and it was in contact with the workers to address their other demands.

“A technical error occurred during the onboarding process”, adding that the pay of new recruits was “the same as agreed [in the] official recruitment posters”.

The firm said it was in constant communication with the affected employees about the the pay and bonuses and was doing its best “to actively solve the concerns and reasonable demands of employees”.

It is also reported that Apple’s response team has also reached the site to help in dealing with the situation. The team reportedly said, “we are reviewing the situation and working closely with Foxconn to ensure their employees’ concerns are addressed.” Previously, workers at Foxconn’s factory in Chennai, India also rioted in 2021 after food poisoning incidents.

As iPhone 14 Pro shipments are already impacted by COVID-19 lockdowns in China, this incident raises more concerns for the Cupertino tech giant to maintain a decent supply of its most popular iPhone 14 Pro models for the holiday season. 

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