Foxconn starts hiring for iPhone 14 production ahead of schedule to avoid COVID-19 related delays

Apple has asked its supplier Foxconn to start recruiting workers earlier than users to assemble iPhone 14 models in its Zhengzhou, China, manufacturing plants. Reportedly, the tech giant wanted to start production as soon as possible due to fears that China’s lockdowns could lead to short supply or delays later in 2022.


Foxconn starts recruiting workers for the production of iPhone 14 in Zhengzhou, China

Apple’s main iPhone assembly partner Foxconn initiated a large recruitment drive for its factory in Zhengzhou this week to increase its workforce despite it not being peak production season for the iPhone. The company is offering a bigger bonus, increasing the value by 30%, to attract workers for Apple’s requirements.

The time of the hiring is unusual since it is considered the off-season for hiring workers, reports United Daily News. Foxconn’s main hiring drive for new iPhone launches usually takes place from mid-June to July.

The manufacturer typically offers a job seeker bonus of RMB 6,500 ($983) to workers who stay for at least 90 days. As per the report, however, that bonus has gone up 30% to RMB 8,500 ($1,286) after 90 days. Currently, Foxconn has not stated how many workers it is looking to hire in the recruitment effort.

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The ramping up production is probably not related to the demand Apple is expecting for the iPhone 14 but is more likely that Foxconn has to maintain its workforce during a time of uncertainty in China due to increasing COVID-19 lockdowns. Along with preparing for the next generation of iPhones, Foxconn also has to maintain the production of iPhone 13 models.

China reported over 1800 COVID-19 positive cases in March. Since then, various cities have had to undergo lockdowns including Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Kunshan which was expanded to Zhengzhou Aiport Economy Zone. The lockdowns have impacted the production of several Apple suppliers however it was reported that Foxconn’s Zhengzhou facility managed to stay unaffected with some 200,000 workers.

It was previously reported that the manufacturer was also allowed to resume operations at its facilities in Shenzhen under a bubble arrangement to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The close loop management system requires the factory workers to live at the facility and undergo regular testing.

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