YouTuber goes inside Apple Fitness+ studio for exclusive behind-the-scenes

Popular YouTuber, iJustine got a rare opportunity to go inside the Apple Fitness+ Studio in Santa Monica, California to bring exclusive behind-the-scenes preparations for workouts, the architect of the studio, recording equipment, and more.

Apple Fitness+

The “at-home” workout service, Apple Fitness+ was launched in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic when the need to look after physical health was just as important as mental health. Powered by Apple Watch, Fitness+ offers workout sessions for up to 45 minutes through a variety of genres like treadmill, dance, yoga, rowing, cycling, HITT, and others designed by professional trainers from around the world.

Available across Apple devices, the service also offers outdoor workout sessions, Time to Walk and Time to Run, curated Apple Music playlists, and more.

Apple Fitness+ service is designed for all, beginners and advanced

Standing inside the state-of-the-art, Apple Fitness+ purpose-built studio, Justine got to do exclusive interviews with Apple Vice President of fitness for health and technology, Jay Blahnik, and Fitness+ trainers and asked questions related to the purpose of the program, the creative process of designing and recording workouts, and evolution of Fitness+.

Blahnik said that in 18 months since launch, they have been innovating month after month to bring as many experiences as possible to subscribers, like adding pilates, meditation, Time to Run, Collections, and others.

Apple Fitness+

Explaining that there is new content every month on Fitness+ in high 4K quality and ASL, Justine said that she got to see the process and workout flow of creating content which was “really cool”.

Trainer Jessica Skye said that rehearsal is her favorite part of the creative process because that is when the real collaboration happens to produce workouts that will suit different body types. Her advice for those who are just starting their fitness journey was to know everyone starts at the beginners level and every workout counties even if it’s 5 minutes.

The Studio was “immaculate” and every part was well lit. Blahnik explained that the Studio’s inspiration was taken from Apple Stores.

Apple Fitness+

Previously, Men’s Health magazine published an exclusive virtual tour of Apple Fitness+ three stories high and 23,000 square foot studio. Blahnik showed the studios’ interior, broke down the filming process, described the app’s metrics technology, and talked about the collaborative and team-building work by Fitness+ trainers.

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