Apple Fitness+ new “Time to Run” offers an immersive running experience, unlike any other

On January 10, Apple Fitness+ introduced a new workout genre “Time to Run”. Like the “Time to Walk” audio experience, the new workout is designed for runners that offer 30-minutes episodes from renowned coaches sharing tips to enhance users running time, improve their skills, and more. 

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After trying out “Time to Run”, Mallory Creveling at the Runner’sWorld calls it an inspirational and immersive experience that pushes a person to be outdoors on a running “adventure”, especially when they don’t feel like it. And that is a result of a magical combination of three factors: energetic coaches, excellent playlists, and entertaining stories. 

Energetic coaches, excellent playlists, and entertaining stories make Apple Fitness+ “Time To Run” an inspirational running experience 

Recommending the “Time to Run” experience, Creveling explains that the positivity of the energetic coaches is “infectious” and their different personalities and styles take the monotony away. 

“Often we get stuck doing the same run the same way, but Time to Run takes the responsibility of figuring out how to add variation so you can just concentrate on the fun part: the run itself,” Wharton-Malcolm tells Runner’s World. “It has the power to make a 30-minute run feel like 10 minutes, and we hope it will help users become more consistent and better runners.”

Apple Fitness+ workouts are curated with suitable playlists to keep the feet moving and spirits refreshed. The same musical experience is offered in the “Time to Run” episodes which make it fun and unique, physically and mentally. 

Time to Run differs from other audio workouts, though, in that the coach doesn’t speak the entire time and rarely over the songs playing. Instead, they chime in between songs, telling you to change or maintain your speed or offer up some encouragement to improve your mental game, and then introduce the next song and explain a little about why it’s chosen. 

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As each “Time to Run” episode features popular running routes of notable cities, coaches use the running routes to tell stories. 

The coaches describe what they’re running by on their route and then your Apple Watch will buzz, letting you know there’s an image to view, taken by the trainer on their run and shown on your watch’s screen. 

Apple’s vice president of fitness technologies, Jay Blahnik told Runner’s World that the concept behind the “Time to Run” is to transform everyday run into an inspirational experience, a little personal adventure. 

While Apple Fitness+ already offered treadmill workouts, Time to Run takes runners to the streets. “Our key inspiration was determining how we could take your everyday neighborhood run—that’s a part of a regular habit of running—and provide a little bit of adventure, a little bit of variety, a little bit of coaching, and some motivation to make running easier and something that you want do more often,” 

With a new episode released every Monday, Time to Run currently offers three exciting episodes London, coached by Cory Wharton-Malcolm, Brooklyn, coached by Emily Fayette, and Miami Beach, coached by Sam Sanchez. And in the future, the episodes will span out to 60-minutes in new cities. 

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