Apple introduces new “custom offer codes” for developers to boost subscriptions

Apple has added a new “custom offer codes” feature for developers to increase their subscriptions. In 2020, the tech giant introduced special discount codes as a way for developers to boost in-app subscriptions.

However, the discount codes were randomly generated, one-time use codes for each person. With new customer offer codes, Apple has provided another means to attract more subscribers. 

Offer codes can help you acquire, retain, and win back subscribers by providing a subscription at a discount or for free for a limited time. You can distribute two types of offer codes however you choose using online and offline channels.

Apple - developer offer codes

In addition to one-time use codes, Apple now allows developers to create custom offer codes for multiple users 

Now, developers can create new custom codes with unique names that can be redeemed by several users via URL or in-app purchase. 

Custom codes: Custom offer codes that can be redeemed by multiple users (such as SPRING2021). Redeemable through a direct URL or within your app on iOS 14.1 or iPadOS 14 or later.

Apple - developer offer codes

Apple details that offer codes can be used in the following ways:

  • Send an email sharing the latest features and recently added content with an offer code to current or lapsed subscribers, so they can experience your service for a limited time.
  • Distribute flyers that include custom codes to promote your service to event attendees.
    Partner with another company on a marketing initiative or referral campaign to help promote your app.
  • Provide a code to a subscriber with a customer service issue to compensate for the issue and encourage retention.
  • Distribute one-time-use codes within an app that you’re sunsetting as a way to transition current subscribers to your new app and promote your service.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Apple has been introducing changes to facilitate developers on its platforms, especially the small developers. The company reduced the in-app purchases commission to 15% for developers who made less than or equal to $1 million annually, released two new App Store product page features to make more effective product pages for apps on the App Store and more. 

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