Apple launches 2 new features App Store product pages for developers

Apple has introduced two new App Store product page features for developers to the most effective product page for their app on the App Store. An App Store product page is important for a developer because it can be considered an app’s first introduction to the user which displays its name, features details, a glimpse of the app’s user interface via screenshots, and more. Furthermore, developers can also boost where their apps are displayed in search results. 

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Developers can now try alternate versions or create additional versions of their apps App Store product pages 

As per the announcement, Apple is offering developers more options to create the App Store product page version that works for best their app. Now, they have the option to either try alternate versions or create an additional version of their apps’ product page using icons, screenshots, and more. 

  • Product page optimization. Try out alternate versions of your app’s product page with different icons, screenshots, and app previews to find out which one gets the best results. Each version is shown to a percentage of randomly selected, eligible App Store users and results appear in App Analytics, so you can set the best performing one to display to everyone on the App Store.
  • Custom product pages. Create additional versions of your app’s product page to highlight specific features or content, discoverable through unique URLs that you share. Custom product pages can have different screenshots, app previews, and promotional text — and are fully localizable — so you can showcase a particular sport, character, show, gameplay feature, and more.

Apple is working on introducing features to facilitate developers so they can offer innovative apps and also to improve their experience. For example, the tech giant announced Tech Talks 2021, a series of more than 100 sessions and 1,500 office hours, which will enable developers to interact with experts from Apple and receive insightful support for building their apps and games. For 2021, the company announced that its review teams will continue working throughout the Holiday season and will not be shutting down for a week. Thus, developers can submit their apps or updates for App Store review, but they were advised to make early submissions. 

This year, we’re pleased to continue accepting submissions in App Store Connect throughout the upcoming holidays. Make sure your apps are up to date and ready for the busiest season on the App Store. Due to anticipated high volume, plan to send time-sensitive submissions early. Please note that reviews may take longer to complete from November 24 to 28 and December 23 to 27.

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