Facebook launches new ‘Stars Store’ webpage to circumvent App Store fees

Facebook has launched a new ‘Stars Store’ webpage for users to purchase stars which they can use to support their favorite creators during live streams. And by offering Stars on a separate website instead of in-app purchases on iOS and Android, Facebook is avoiding App Store and Play Store fees. Apple and Google charge 15% – 30% commission for all in-app purchases via their app stores. 

Facebook has become a strong critic of Apple’s policies after the launch of the App Transparency Tracking feature. Since the ATT privacy feature prevents apps from tracking users’ activity across third-party app and websites on iOS, the restriction drastically impacts Facebook’s targeted ads revenue which heavily relies on tracking users. Now, to expand its earnings, the social media giant has launched a new Stars Store. Previously, Stars were available on iOS and Android as in-app purchases. 


Users can use Facebook Pay to make purchases on the new Stars Store 

Users will be able to use Facebook Pay to purchase Stars to express appreciation for their favorite creators via the new Stars Store on mobile or desktop. As per the announcement, bought Stars will be added to users’ virtual wallets which they can use during Live sessions or on-demand videos. 

Up until now, Stars could only be purchased while watching videos. The store makes it easier to purchase Stars and provides people with more information about how Stars work, helping creators better showcase their value.

Stars purchased in the Stars store on mobile or desktop are deposited into people’s virtual wallets for them to send to eligible creators during Facebook Live or on demand videos. In the Stars store, fans get more Stars for their money at lower prices so they can support even more of their favorite creators.


As an incentive to purchase Stars via the new Stars Store, Facebook is also awarded bonus stars with each bundle of Stars. For example, 45 Stars for $0.99 come with 30 bonus stars, and 530 Stars for $9.99 come with 300 bonus Stars. It is interesting to note that the social media company says that it is offering Stars at a lower price which is indirectly hinting at App Store fees. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other senior executives at the company have publically accused Apple of hurting small businesses by charging Apple tax. However, prices above $49 and above can not be considered low by any stretch of imagination. 

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