Free Pikmin Finder AR game now available to all mobile browsers

The free Pikmin Finder AR game is now available to all mobile browsers. The game was released on September 2, 2023, to coincide with the Nintendo Live event in Seattle.

Pikmin Finder is a game where players use their phone’s camera to scan their surroundings for Pikmin. These are small plant-like creatures featured in the Pikmin video game series. When players find a Pikmin, they can pick it up from the ground and send it to collect various treasures. The more Pikmin they have, the more treasures they can gather.


Pikmin Finder AR game is a simple and casual game that is perfect for players of all ages

The free Pikmin Finder AR game was released on July 24, 2023, to coincide with the release of the mainline game Pikmin 4. It was initially released as a web-based game that could be played at Nintendo Live 2023 in Seattle. However, it was later made available to the public through the Nintendo website.

To play Pikmin Finder, users can visit the game’s website via mobile or tablet and scan a QR code with their camera. The game will then use the phone’s location and time of day to determine which types of Pikmin users can find. Once users have found a Pikmin, they can take a picture of it to capture it.

Pikmin Finder AR game featured


Captured Pikmin can then be used to retrieve nearby treasures. The types of treasures that Pikmin can retrieve vary depending on the type of Pikmin. For example, Red Pikmin can retrieve heavy objects, while Yellow Pikmin can retrieve electrical objects.

Pikmin Finder is a simple but fun game that is perfect for fans of the Pikmin franchise. It is also a great way to introduce AR gaming to a new audience.

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