Fresh benchmarks of M2 Max chip reveal performance jump from M1 Max chip

The next generation M2 Max chip is expected to debut in new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models next year. Ahead of the new Apple Silicon’s launch, another set of its benchmark scores has appeared online.

Previously, Geekbench 5 scores of the M2 Max chip (12-core CPU and 96GB of RAM) in a computer code-named “Mac14.6” with 3.54 GHz frequency running on macOS 13.2 showed slightly better performance than the current M1 Max chip.

  • M2 Max chip
    • Single-core – 1,853
      Multi-core score – 13, 855
  • M1 Max chip (10-core CPU) in Mac Studio
    • single-core – 1762
    • multi-core – 12,670

M2 Max chip - Apple

New benchmark scores M2 Max chip show 22% better performance than the M1 Max chip

Spotted by 9to5Mac, the new Geekbench 5 performance test of the same M2 Max chip with a 12-core CPU and 96GB of RAM in the same “Mac 14.6” machine running on macOS 13.2 but with a slightly higher 3.68 GHz frequency achieved higher scores than before.

The new benchmark scores of the M2 Max uploaded on December 8 are:

  • Single-core score – 2,027 
  • Multi-core score – 14, 888

M2 Max - MacBook Pro

The new M2 chip delivers 20% faster performance than its predecessor M1 chip. Based on the new benchmark scores, it is reported that the M2 Max chip will also similar jump in performance.

Comparing the latest benchmark test of the M2 Max chip with the M1 Max, we have up to 22% better performance in multi-core, while the previous results showed that the new chip would be 14% faster. It’s uncertain whether the results are in fact legitimate, and if so, why they differ from each other.

Initially, it was reported that Apple would launch the new high-end MacBook Pro models this year, but now the machines are expected to unveil in 2023, along with Mac mini with M2 Pro and Mac Pro with M2 Extreme.

In addition to advanced M2 Max and M2 Pro chips, the upcoming MacBook Pros are expected to feature the same flat edge-to-edge design language as 2021 models and color-matched USB-C MagSafe 3 charging cables like with the 24-inch iMac.

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