Fun and Games – Pixelfari Provides a “Retro” Browsing Experience on Your Mac

Do you love “retro” games like Super Mario Bros. and Contra where you can see the pixels? Is your middle name “8-bit”? If so, you’ll love Pixelfari. Pixelfari is a web browser created by Neven Mrgan, the creator of The Incident, that converts webpages into a more pixelated version. There are no real business benefits to this, but it’s a fun browser that introduces a sense of nostalgia. You can download Pixelfari here. You will also need to have Safari installed, which can be downloaded here if you’ve removed it. Pixelfari can take a while to load graphics-intensive sites, so be warned. Enjoy your inefficiency!


Find a webpage that comes out strange? Leave a comment to let us know!

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