Geekaphone Covers Rise of Apple iPhone as a Camera! [Infographic]

When it comes to quick snapshots wherever you are, cell phones have quickly replaced traditional digital cameras, due to their portability and myriad of other useful features. Of these cell phone cameras, one of the most popular has been the iPhone. The iPhone camera has improved significantly since its release, moving from a bland 2 MP to a 5 MP with flash that takes some very high quality photos. The awesome team over at geekaphone has analyzed the iPhone’s use over the years as a camera, calling it “The World’s Most Popular Camera.” You can see an infographic of their findings below.


With over 6000 photography apps available for the iPhone, the iPhone makes a versatile camera for taking, editing, and sharing photos on the go. The popularity of the iPhone as a camera really doesn’t come as a surprise when the amount of iPhones in use is taken into account. With rumors bouncing around about the iPhone 5, it will be interesting to see what changes and improvements(maybe an even better camera?) Apple brings to its popular smartphone.
Check out the original article here, along with photography app reviews and more!

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