Gentler Streak updated with new Wellbeing section for thorough health tracking

The 2022 Apple Watch app of the year, Gentler Streak, has gained a new Wellbeing section with its latest update. The Wellbeing section allows users to track both their health and fitness metrics in one place.

Gentler Streak wellbeing

Gentler Streak has been updated to version 3.0

The new Wellbeing tab in Gentler Streak version 3.0 allows users to track seven health metrics within the app. These include sleeping heart rate (SHR) or resting heart rate (when SHR is unavailable), sleep duration, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and wrist temperature.

The app can now describe your current fitness level on the Streak tab with even greater accuracy thanks to learning more about what occurs in your body.

Gentler Streak update

Furthermore, users are provided with a thorough health summary each morning. In order to provide individualized context for subsequent measurements and make it easier to recognize unusual changes, Gentler Streak learns your average range for each statistic. When something is wrong, you can tell from the summary, and the individualized Go Gentler recommendations change to reflect your health indicators.

“We avoid putting your daily form into a score, percentage, or body battery concept. We communicate in words, as in everyday life, in order to make active lifestyle more accessible. Our approach hopefully provides clearer insight into personal wellbeing and helps form a deeper connection with self for people of all fitness levels,” says co-founder Katarina Lotrič.

The measurements taken when you sleep have the least noise and provide the most accurate data, thus Gentler Streak developers advise wearing your Apple Wach during that time to take advantage of this function. However, it is not absolutely necessary.

Yorhart from Gentler Streak now has more variations, in addition to cosmetic changes, to better reflect the current conditions of sleep deprivation, fever, and tiredness. All variations are available in the newly redesigned iMessage stickers.

Complete access to Gentler Streak’s new Wellbeing feature requires a Premium subscription. You can download the 2022 Apple Watch app of the year for free from the App Store here. Note that Gentler Streak requires iOS 13.0 or later to work on iPhone.

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