Gentler Streak v4.4 offers 6 custom icons and 14 new fitness indicators

The popular fitness-tracking app Gentler Streak has recently undergone a significant update, expanding its capabilities to provide even more tailored guidance to users. The latest version, launched on February 9th with a 4.4 update, introduces 14 new fitness status indicators, enhancing its ability to reflect users’ daily conditions accurately.

Gentler Streak

The developers behind Gentler Streak have carefully crafted this update based on feedback from over 500 users, ensuring that it meets the diverse needs of individuals on their fitness journeys. By breaking down fitness status indicators into multiple categories and considering users’ activity levels before pushing them beyond healthy limits, the app aims to provide personalized support for each user’s unique capabilities and goals.

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One of the key highlights of this update is the revamped Apple Watch workout tracker, which now boasts improved speed, accuracy, and energy efficiency. With six new custom icons added to the mix, users can now track their workouts with greater precision and style.

Gentler Streak Apple Watch

Gentler Streak

The expanded fitness status feature is designed to offer users a more nuanced understanding of their daily activity levels, helping them push beyond their limits safely. By analyzing users’ acute and chronic training loads and factors like age and gender, Gentler Streak aims to prevent overreaching during workouts, which can lead to muscle fatigue, decreased performance, and even injury.

But it’s not just about pushing harder; recovery is equally crucial. That’s why Gentler Streak emphasizes the importance of rest and recovery between workouts, providing insights into users’ sleep patterns and other bodily signals to support a sustainable active lifestyle.

To celebrate the update, Gentler Streak is offering a Valentine’s Day promotion, giving users a 40% discount on annual subscriptions with family sharing options. This offer not only encourages users to prioritize their fitness journey but also promotes a sense of community and shared wellness among loved ones.

Download the app for free here.

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