Geosense for Windows brings Location Awareness to Windows 7 for free

Windows 7 has an excellent built-in platform and API which can help third party developers to create native applications for Windows 7 that are location-aware. However, the only mistake Microsoft has made with ‘Location and Sensors’ in Windows 7 is that they did not include any geolocation service provider.



But the scenario has changed now. Long Zheng of istartedsomething teamed up with Rafael Rivera of Within Windows to create a new Windows Sensor called Geosense for Windows, that connects the location platform of Windows 7 with geolocation service providers and works like a GPS system. Instead of communicating with satellites (not many PCs have GPS hardware), it simply gathers some metrics including your IP address, Wi-Fi triangulation or access points to determine the location. Geosense uses Google Location Services to provide location information.

The beauty of this Windows Sensor is that developers can create location-aware Windows 7 applications on top of it. And did we mention it’s free?

Thanks to Geosense, we can expect a Foursquare app and the likes very soon for Windows 7!

Download Geosense for Windows

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