Get a look at the amazing Windows Mobile 7 screenshots

Just now we shared with you guys what will Windows Mobile 6.5.1 bring and what will it look like. Windows Mobile 7 hasn’t been released yet, everybody knows that.¬† However one thing is for sure, Microsoft is definitely working on it. Want to see how will the Windows Mobile 7 looks like? Well you have come to the right place. Shown below are the Windows Mobile 7 screenshots. And boy are they amazing or what. Just by looking at the pictures, one will want to get his hand on the Windows Mobile 7 as soon as possible.

In each of the snapshot, the top screenshot shows  Windows Mobile 6.5 whereas the bottom screenshot shows the redesigned Windows 7 user interface. The screenshots shown below give you a peek of what will the Call screen, Calendar, Contact, Email, Text Messaging and Settings look like in Windows Mobile 7.


A better looking Calendar app


A cool looking call screen


Sleeky Inbox screen


Friendly UI for SMS and text messages


Checkboxes have been replaced by Sliders in the settings page


A much-improved contact app

One interesting to note here is that apparently Microsoft has removed the Start menu button or in other words the Windows logo.

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