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TweetPsych Psychological profile This has got to be one of the most interesting Twitter websites I’ve used in recent times. TweetPsych analyzes your tweets to build a psychological profile for you. It works by using two linguistic analysis algorithms on the content of a person’s recent 1000 tweets. The resulting profile shows different types of content it finds in your tweets and their score. Like if you’re really full of yourself and Tweet about yourself a lot, it’ll let you know. The results cover cognitive content, primordial, conceptual and emotional content and also shows fellow Twitter users who match your psychological profile. If you think your psychological profile is worth it, you can also share it using the tweet this button, with your Twitter friends and followers.

I wouldn’t say much about my own result, you can see it below as a sample, but I’m happy to know Felicia Day and I think alike. :)

cognitive contentprimordial, conceptual, emotional content  Matching Tweeters

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