guiGoog – excellent Google based search engine with one click filters


guiGoog has done something which I would like to see Google itself do. Provide advanced search options to filter down queries instead of making them difficult to use for novice users. Only Bing has managed to provide advanced search on the main search results page, but that too is somewhat limited when compared to the huge amount of filtering that guiGoog provides.

You can search by date range which is adjusted by simple sliders, see search suggestions, search based on location ( country, zip code or language ), search popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and filter down the file types you want to search with one click icons. If the website or file type you want to search for isn’t present in the icons, you can click on the green plus icon, and add your own custom website or file type.

Power users like me wouldn’t find guiGoog useful at all, since we know how to modify our queries with the file type, site, “” and many other keywords which are hidden behind the GUI of guiGoog. But for novices this can be a helpful website to find just what they’re looking for without having to Google on how to Google.

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