Get It Done Makes Great To-Do Lists

Day to day, we have lists of things to do. Whether these lists exist in our mind or on paper, they help us to organize the things we need to do and get them done efficiently. For the iPad and iPhone/iTouch, Get It Done is a great to-do list creator for its price: free.


The interface is overall well designed, although it has a few annoying drawbacks that take time to get used to. There are certainly better apps out there, but most cost money. As a free alternative, Get It Done performs well. It handles tags, groups and projects, and has a “Quick Add Task” bar to help save time for those on the go. By organizing tasks into groups like “Today” and “Someday,” it’s easy to sort and prioritize your various tasks. Overall, Get It Done is worth a look when it comes to making a handy and useful checklist. Available here.


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