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Google and Yahoo have push email support on the iPhone and iPod Touch along with wonderful mobile UX, but sadly, apart from an ugly mobile UI, the Windows Live team hasn’t provided anything for Hotmail users on these devices. Mail Notifier fixes this problem and provides real time push notifications for unread email for Hotmail, along with Gmail and AOL.

Mail Notifier for iPhone Hotmail push notifications Here’s the feature list of Mail Notifier:

  • Support for Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL
  • Ability to add unlimited number of accounts
  • Preview the email in the push notification
  • Badge indicator of your unread emails in REALTIME
  • Notifications are instant (no polling or fetching)
  • No recurring monthly or yearly fees

The setup is really simple. Just buy the app, download it and setup your Hotmail email account. Test your connection to verify your username and password and you’re good to go. During testing, the push notifications were found to be instant and sometimes faster than what you get on a PC. Really brilliant!

Mail notifier

Mail notifier



Costs $4.99, which is more than what other Gmail push notification apps cost, but the added value of Hotmail and AOL support really makes it a worthy purchase.

Download from iTunes

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