GoldenHour.One is a great iOS app for photographers seeking perfect outdoor lightning conditions

GoldenHour.One by Hana Kusova is an ingenious companion tool for photographers which tracks the time for the golden hour in their location. The app uses local weather forecast to predict the light and sky conditions for perfect clicks. It also assists users in finding the most suitable time and place for outdoor photos.

GoldenHour.One is a great iOS app for photographers seeking perfect outdoor lightning conditions

GoldenHour.One offers an intuitive and easy to use interface which gives an estimation of the day’s weather conditions. The app features two indexes for best photos: SkyIndex estimates the chances of a dramatic sky for photos of sunrise or sunset while LightIndex predicts the best time for portraits, landscape, and architecture shots. With details of the next golden hour and the app’s indexes, users can decide when to step out of their homes for the best photos.

The app consists of 4 main sections: clock, maps, weather and reminders. Using time, location and weather, the app serves as a great tool to plan shots with the perfect light conditions. A forecast for the next five days, a compass to find the direction of the sun during the golden hour, a map to explore the best place and time for amazing outdoor photos, and a listing of favorite places for future clicks make it a must have app for photographers.

Here is how GoldenHour.One works:

  • Select any location on the map and place a pin.
  • GoldenHour will display the sun’s position during that opportune hour for photos.
  • If the sun is not at the user’s preferred position, the user can either use the slider to choose a new date when the sun will be at the preferred spot or move the pin to a new spot. Here, users can set reminders to be notified when the natural light conditions meet their requirements.

GoldenHour.One is available on the App Store for $3.99. It requires iOS 9.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download GoldenHour.One from App Store

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