Google Chat now featuresa new logo, updated icons, and a streamlined experience

Google Chat recently rolled out a new logo and updated Themed and status bar icons. These changes are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to improve the user experience on its Workspace apps.

Google Chat refresh

New Google Chat also gets the option to mute conversations

Google Chat has received a significant visual update beyond a simple skin change. The platform now boasts a new logo, updated themed icons, and improved status bar icons designed to enhance your communication experience.

Google Chat has also received a new option to mute and unmute messages for easy prioritization and management.

We’re introducing a new mute/unmute option in Google Chat to assist you in prioritizing and managing your messages. This is the latest feature within the recently announced enhanced Chat experience that helps you increase concentration, eliminate distractions and ultimately focus on the most important conversations.

 Google Chat refresh

New Logo

Gone are the days of the four-bubble Google Chat logo. In its place stands a single, modern, multi-colored chat bubble that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Google Workspace family. This vibrant icon retains the familiar green hue, offering a subtle nod to its Hangouts heritage while embracing a fresh, forward-looking design.

Google Chat refresh

New Themed icons

Personalization takes center stage with the updated themed icons. Now, your chosen theme color permeates throughout the app, from chat bubbles to navigation elements. This creates a visually cohesive experience tailored to your individual preferences.

Improved status bar icons

Gone are the days of squinting at tiny, pixelated status icons. Google has addressed this pain point by refining the outlines and increasing the color contrast of these crucial indicators. This improvement makes it easier to see who’s online, away, or busy, even on smaller screens.

Go ahead, update your app, and discover the fresh look and feel of the popular communication platform. With its improved usability, consistency, and brand identity, Google Chat is poised to become an even more valuable and enjoyable part of your daily routine.

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