Google Chat gets a new Icon and redesigned navigation

In the latest update, Google Chat adds a new icon, redesigned navigation, and a few other new features to make the app easier to use and more efficient.

Google Chat gets a new Icon and redesigned navigation

New Google Chat features make it easier to stay organized and productive

Google Chat is rolling out a new icon and a redesigned “Home” and “Mentions” navigation. Other new features include pinning conversations, snoozing messages, sending messages without notifications, and using custom emojis in reactions.

New icon

The new Google Chat icon is a four-color outline of a chat bubble with a sharp drop-off. It is a more modern and minimalist design than the current icon, which is a green chat bubble with overlapping conversation bubbles. The new icon is also more consistent with the other icons in the Google Workspace suite, such as Gmail and Google Meet.

Redesigned Home and Mentions navigation

The redesigned Home and Mentions navigation is part of a larger effort to make Google Chat more user-friendly and efficient. The new Home screen is simpler and more streamlined, with a focus on the most important information, such as recent conversations and unread messages. The Mentions tab has also been redesigned, making it easier to see and respond to mentions from other users.

Other new features in Google Chat

  • The ability to pin conversations to the top of your list: This makes it easy to keep your most important conversations always in view.
  • The ability to snooze conversations for later: This is a great way to declutter your inbox and deal with messages that aren’t urgent.
  • The ability to send messages without notifications: This is a great way to send messages to people when you know they’re busy or asleep.
  • The ability to use custom emojis in reactions: This is a fun way to add personality to your messages and express yourself.

When will the new icon and redesigned navigation be available to everyone?

Google has not announced a specific date for when the new icon and redesigned navigation will be available to everyone. However, the rollout has already begun, so most users should see the changes within the next few weeks.

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