Google unveils new AR beauty tools for foundation and hair dye shopping online

Google has announced new AR beauty tools for the Google app and mobile browsers to easily shop for foundation and hair dye online. The new AR beauty tools are designed for brands to advertise with AR.

Google introduced AR beauty features in 2020 on mobile for online shoppers to find the right lipstick and eyeshadow shades for themselves by trying the colors on a range of skin tones before making a purchase.

The company’s new AR beauty features have added virtual try-ons for foundation and hair dye shades.

Google AR Beauty Tools

Google’s new AR beauty tools will offer hair dye try-on shades from L’Oreal

According to the announcement, Google’s new AR beauty category, hair color support virtual Try it on capability for shades from L’Oreal. Hair dyes from other brands like Revlon and Splat will be available soon.

Earlier this year, L’Oréal announced the Brow Magic app for iOS which uses the LiDAR scanner on compatible iPhone models to scan users’ faces to draw salon-like eyebrows precisely within seconds right in the comfort of your home with their preferred eyebrow shape and color. 

However, the company did not launch the Brow Magic handheld printer and its accompanying app. It appears that the cosmetic giant has partnered with Google to allow online shoppers to try on and choose a hair color shade from its suite of brands. 

Google AR Beauty Tools

Furthermore, beauty shoppers can also use Google’s new AR beauty feature to try on, select, and purchase their correct foundation shade right from the comfort of their homes or without visiting a store.

The new AR beauty features will be available in the coming weeks to the Google app. But they will also be accessible from any mobile browser in the U.S. 

Google AR Beauty Tools

Google hopes that the new AR beauty tools will not only help online shoppers but also the “entire beauty industry” via AR beauty ads.

After interacting with AR beauty on Google, shoppers are more likely to spend more time on the brand’s site and potentially take action, like researching a new product or making a purchase. 

Will you be trying out the new AR beauty feature to purchase cosmetics and hair dye shades or still prefer to try them on physically? Let us know in the comments.

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