Google Chrome gets Jumplists in Windows 7 with the latest Dev update

Google Chrome Jumplists

Apart from speed and performance, the best thing about Google Chrome is that it gets updated every week. New features and improvements are added regularly unlike Internet Explorer or Firefox. With the latest dev build update, Google Chrome has acquired support for Jumplists in Windows 7. The jump list is really useful as it shows the most visited websites (which also show up in the new tab page) and the recently closed tabs. The tasks include opening a New window as well as a new incognito window similar to Internet Explorer in Windows 7.

I’m really loving this new addition to Chrome so far. The jump list makes it even quicker to access your favorite websites.

To get access to this update, you’ll have to download the latest Dev build.

Instructions on how to get the latest Dev build of Google Chrome.

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  1. Now, if they would only not screw things up completely on the task bar whenever you use their application shortcuts. If you use a Gmail shortcut, for example, every Chrome instance after that will use the Gmail icon, etc.

    But this is a nice step and seems to work great so far.

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  6. Wowowow!!

    I didnt notice this yet. Had been busy using Firefox. Will try this for sure.

    Google, I am desperately waiting for your new OS.

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  8. Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

  9. Wow, will be using Chrome for a while now. Still waiting for FF to get this feature. I hope it will.

    1. I guess they could add that, but I think the tasks have been provided to serve the user in launching the program, not after the launch. After it’s open, you can just click the new tab button on top.

      1. That’s true however with IE8 in 7 you can open a new tab which can save a little bit of time.

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