Windows 7 RTM available for download now on MSDN and TechNet!

While we wait for Twitter and Facebook to get back to 100% working conditions, we have something to do now! The moment is here that we’ve all been waiting for. The wait for Windows 7 RTM is over and MSDN users ( including me ) and TechNet members as well as the invited private beta testers can now get their greedy hands on Windows 7 RTM build.


If you had already gotten your hands on the RTM build, you can just activate it using your key from either MSDN or TechNet ( which ever you’re a member of ).

On the other hand, if you’re not a member of either of them, or even weren’t a private beta tester, you’ll have to wait for 22nd October for general availability of Windows 7.

After you’re done downloading Windows 7, do check out Free Downloads for Windows 7 as well as free Windows 7 Themes to personalize your Windows.

Check out the Windows 7 FAQ for more information on RTM.

Download Windows 7 from MSDN.

Thanks to Taimur for the heads up!

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  1. But, then what are the torrents doing around Imran??

    Can we trust them or not? They do provide various alterations just similar to Windows Seven flavors.

    1. The torrents might have malware, modified files and could be different than the RTM build if not carefully checked. If you have access to MSDN or TechNet, it’s better to use them rather than the torrrents.

      1. I have already downloaded a torrent file which had many positive reviews, just for testing purposes, of course.

        As I am very much in awe with Windows Seven, I wanted to have a prior peek into the features and the use. I literally love the new OS. Awaiting it’s release.

  2. Yep a Better OS .. if it could gain that attention ! .. There are lot of crap in the FULL Release lot of Drivers Cache and Things that are not necessary .. a Liter Version of this OS would be a addon

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