Google Chrome is the most “vulnerability-ridden” while Safari is the least in 2022

The most popular web browser, Google Chrome, is also the most insecure as well. Atlas VPN collected vulnerabilities data from the VulDB vulnerability database for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera from January 1 to October 5, 2022. The report reveals that Google Chrome is the most vulnerability-ridden with 303 security flaws discovered.

Good new for Apple users; Safari comparatively is a more secure browser with 26 vulnerabilities.

Chrome - Safari

Compared to Chrome’s 303, Safari only had 26 documented vulnerabilities this year

Users access the world wide web or websites through a browser that often collects their sensitive data like emails, credit/debit card details, online activity, and more. Therefore, it is “crucial” for the browser to be secure.

While Google Chrome tops the charts as the most insecure browser, other browsers built on the Chromium engine also recorded a high number of vulnerabilities.

  • Mozilla Firefox ranked second with 117 vulnerabilities.
  • Microsoft Edge ranked third with 103 vulnerabilities “61% more than in the entire year of 2021.”
  • Opera did have any documented vulnerabilities this year and only 344 total cumulative vulnerabilities have been recorded.

However, the report mentions that since all of the above answers are built on the same engine, they are likely to be affected by the same vulnerabilities.

While quite different in features, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are all built on the Chromium engine. It means that Chromium vulnerabilities may impact all of these browsers.

Chrome- safari

On the other hand, Apple Safari users have fewer reasons to worry about their browser’s security. With more than a billion users, Safari is the second most popular browser which documented 26 vulnerabilities this year and 1,139 total vulnerabilities since its release.

Apple’s Safari browser has had some of the lowest vulnerability numbers in years. Safari, which has recently reached over 1 billion users making it the second most popular browser in the world, had 26 documented vulnerabilities in the first three quarters of 2022. In the meantime, its cumulative vulnerability number stands at 1,139.

Users are advised to keep their answers up to date, carefully choose plug-ins and beware of phishing techniques to prevent exploitations by hackers.

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