Apple Music to add new customization options for artists’ profile page

Apple Music will allow artists and bands to personalize their profile page on the service with a bunch of new elements including options to add their hometown, birth date or year formed, and more. Artists will also be able to add a custom bio to their profile page.

Apple Music

Artists on Apple Music will be able to personalize their bio, add hometown, and more

Apple sent an email to Apple Music artists, alerting them of new features that are coming to the service. As for profile pages, the tech giant announced a bunch of new elements for artists like the ability to create a customized biography, add pronouns, add their hometown, date of birth, and more.

Image and personality are key to connecting with fans and engaging new listeners. The new Artist Profile section lets artists take control of their Apple Music profiles and connect with fans in their own words. Artists can answer a series of short questions to create a customized biography that displays on their Apple Music artist page. Artists can also optionally add their hometown (or place of origin for bands), date of birth (or year formed for bands), and identify band members, collaborators, influences, and pronouns.

Apple is also making it easier for artists to add lyrics to appear alongside their music. Adding lyrics will be “as easy as copying and pasting formatted lyrics,” the tech giant said in the email.

The other changes coming to the service for artists will allow them to control who has access to their profile so ” their team can jump into action and support upcoming releases and keep content new and fresh.” In addition, artists can ” assign different roles to individuals on their team, specifying admins, analysts, and profile editors.”

Lastly, insights for artists can now be accessed under Measure. Under this option, artists will be able to chart their performance and monitor Apple Music plays, average daily listeners, iTunes song purchases, and Shazams.

To use these new features, artists can sign up for an account at

In related news, Apple recently celebrated a significant milestone of reaching 100 million songs on its music streaming service. Alongside the announcement of the feat, Apple also announced the launch of a new series, Apple Music Today.

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