Google Contacts Preview With Material Design and Find Duplicates Feature Rolls Out

Google has announced the roll out of a new Google Contacts Preview with material design, new contact cards and recent conversations view across email and hangouts.

Google has contact information for users spread out over different services – Google+, Gmail and Hangouts. The new Contacts Preview aims to unify all of them, inside a beautiful new interface which follows the material design language. The new layout is very similar to Inbox and brings the card interface to contacts, that Google loves so much.

A helpful ‘find duplicates’ tool automatically finds and suggests duplicate contacts and provides the option to merge them. It works very smartly and has helped me clean up my contacts list. Google is also pulling in information from users’ Google profiles to automatically populate the contact cards along with the details you have added. Oddly, Google does not mention Google+ or circles anywhere in their announcement, even though circles functionality is included.

If you open contact’s card, you can also see your most recent conversations or meetings with them. Really useful.

The Contacts Preview is only available for Gmail users for now. Google Apps users will have to wait as the company says that they are working on it.

Try out the new Google Contacts Preview

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