Google Drive users report data loss of files uploaded after May 2023

Google Drive, a widely used cloud-based storage service, is currently facing a significant issue of data loss. Many users have taken to online forums to report on the mysterious disappearance of files uploaded to Google Drive after May 2023. This unexpected problem has left many users frustrated and concerned about the security of their data stored on the platform.

Google Drive

Is your Google Drive data missing? Google is actively working on a solution

The issue appears to affect a broad range of users around the globe, including those on Windows and Mac platforms. Some users have reported missing files that span several months, casting doubt on the reliability of Google Drive as a secure storage solution.

Users have described instances where files, changes, and folder structures created since May 2023 have abruptly disappeared without a trace. Attempts to recover the lost data have proven unsuccessful in some cases, amplifying concerns about the integrity of Google Drive’s storage mechanisms.

Acknowledging the issue’s severity, Google has advised affected users to refrain from making any alterations to their Google Drive root/data folder. The search engine giant has announced that product engineers are actively investigating the root cause of the problem and diligently working towards a resolution.

Despite the ongoing investigation, there is currently no official explanation from the company regarding the underlying cause of the issue. The absence of a clear timeline for resolution has left users understandably anxious about their missing files.

Recommendations for users

Google recommends that affected users avoid making any changes to their Google Drive root/data folder to prevent further complications. Until a resolution is found, users are encouraged to back up important files locally or consider alternative cloud storage options.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that while cloud storage offers convenience, users should be aware of the potential risks associated with it. Understanding the terms and conditions of cloud services is crucial, and maintaining local backups can provide an additional layer of security for your data.

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