Google explains what a web browser is

Google What Browser


Some guys from Google recently surveyed many people to find out that they didn’t know what a web browser is. It was quiet shocking seeing how everybody uses them to Facebook and Youtube but doesn’t know what that piece of software is. Seeing this, some folks from Google have created a website called, which provides information about them in a very simple manner.

A cool looking animated video is available on the website which shows Windows XP with different browsers, and a voiceover explaining the browser. Despite what Techcrunch and others have decided to believe, Google itself describes a browser differently from an operating system such as Windows or OS X, which wouldn’t mess up the minds of all those new to browsers and technology. Thanks Google!


Also available on the website are some tips, Javascript performance graphs and charts as well as links to Browser diagnostic tests. The tweaks page shows tips based on the browser you use to visit the website which is a nice move. It’s interesting to see Google isn’t using this website for promotion of its own browser called Google Chrome which actually fares really well with the ‘Do no evil’ motto of the company.

Google Chrome

P.S. Cheap shot, but Opera must be happy and pleased that it has the first link icon on the page above. ;)

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