Multi-touch drawing App for the Zune HD

Multi-touch drawing App for the Zune HD

Just because the Zune HD Marketplace isn’t open like the App Store doesn’t mean that developers can’t make apps for it and we can’t use them. A developer has created a multi-touch drawing app for the Zune HD using XNA 3.1 Zune extensions. The app is really basic and doesn’t even have different colors to chose. But the developer has already said that the app is intended for developers and encourages improvements to the code.

Here’s how it works: use a single finger to draw with white paint, and use multiple fingers for random neon colors. Shake the Zune HD to erase the canvas and tapping the middle button closes the app. The instructions to get this on your Zune HD are written on the developer’s website. Here’s a demo video of the app in action below:


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