Google Fit redesign puts the focus on step count and ease of use

Google has announced new design updates for its fitness app, Google Fit, rolling out this week for its Wear OS watch and smartphone variants of the app. The updates include bolder text and brighter visuals for  check-ins, new tiles for Wear OS, new heart points tile, progress cards, and steps counter integrated with Heart Points. The updated features of Google Fit will be available for iOS, Android and Wear OS.

As per the official announcement, Google has updated the design of the app to make its functionality easier for users to monitor and track their fitness journey. With more visible text on a bright screen, now users can make quick check-in during their workouts at a single glance.

Google Fit

To track activity and activity goals throughout the week, there are new features for watch and mobile version of the app. There is a new Heart Points Tile on Wear OS devices and a progress card added to Google Fit’s home screen which displays how many Heart Points were earned throughout the day and when you are close to achieving 150 of them. Google set 150 Heart Points per week as an achievement as per recommendation by the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization. There are new digital celebrations to motivate users on achieving goals.

In addition to Move minutes, Google Fit app now shows steps count integrated with Heart Points. The integration of both features will enable users to not only track their steps throughout the workout or day, but also to increase intensity to earn more heart points.

There are also new tiles on Wear OS on smartwatches, which allow users to start workouts with a single tap, and view their day’s and week’s progress at a glance.
The system requirements for the new features are Android Wear 2.0 and later and iOS 12 or later. Google Fit is available for free on App Store and Google Play.
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