Google Gemini can store conversations with users for up to 3 years

Google Gemini, previously known as Bard, can store conversations with users for up to three years by default. This has raised some concerns about privacy and data retention.

Google Gemini

Google Gemini: Understanding the privacy implications

Remember that while your name and other identifiable information are not directly associated with conversations, related data is collected and stored for up to three years. This data includes language used, devices employed, and approximate location.

When you interact with Gemini Apps, Google collects your:

  • Conversations
  • Location
  • Feedback
  • Usage information

When Gemini is your mobile assistant, Google processes additional information to understand and respond to you and give you hands-free help.

Google Gemini

Google says that a subset of conversations is selected for review by human annotators, supposedly on an anonymized basis, to improve the performance of Google Gemini.

This data helps us provide, improve, and develop Google products, services, and machine-learning technologies, like those that power Gemini Apps.

However, note that even anonymized data can be combined with other information sources to potentially re-identify individuals, which raises concerns about user privacy.

Given the involvement of human reviewers in analyzing conversations, there is a possibility of biases influencing the review process, further heightening these concerns. Moreover, the extended storage period of three years and limited transparency surrounding reviewer identities and purposes add to the anxiety felt by many users.

To opt out of long-term data storage for future conversations, you can disable the Gemini App Activity within your Google My Activity dashboard. However, this will only affect future conversations and will not erase previously stored data.

It is important to understand the data collection practices when using AI tools like Google Gemini and make informed decisions. While users have some control over their data, balancing potential benefits with privacy concerns requires careful consideration. In case of doubt, it is recommended to prioritize privacy and limit personal information disclosure.

For more details, you can read the Google Privacy Policy and the Gemini Apps Privacy Notice.

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