visionOS App Store reached over 1,000 apps designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro

The visionOS App Store has reached a significant milestone with over 1,000 apps designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro. This is a major step forward for the platform, demonstrating its growing potential and attracting a wider range of developers and users.

A huge thank you to our developers! Their hard work has already resulted in over 1,000 incredible spatial apps designed specifically for Vision Pro, along with over 1.5 million compatible apps. We’re thrilled to see how they’ll continue to push the boundaries for what’s possible.

Vision Pro visionOS

visionOS App Store: 1,000+ apps for education, productivity, entertainment & more

The visionOS App Store boasts a collection of 1,000 apps that open up a world of immersive experiences, creativity, and productivity. As the technology behind Vision Pro continues to advance, we can expect even more groundbreaking applications that push the limits of what is possible.

Vision Pro visionOS

The range of apps available in the store is staggering. For gamers, there are thrilling adventures that merge virtual worlds with reality. Artists and designers can sculpt 3D models using intuitive hand gestures, and students can learn complex concepts through interactive AR lessons. Even everyday tasks are made more convenient with navigation, fitness, and shopping apps that blend digital information into the real world.

It’s important to keep in mind that we’re still in the early stages of this technological revolution. Vision Pro is not yet widely available, and developers are still exploring the full potential of the platform. However, the rapid growth of the app store indicates the immense potential of spatial AR and the excitement surrounding it.

All in all, the increasing selection of apps in the visionOS App Store is a promising sign for the platform’s future. It highlights the potential of visionOS to transform the way we interact with technology and experience the world around us.

(Via Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, Greg Joswiak)

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