Google I/O Day 2 Keynote Summary

Google’s Day 2 of I/O is here and this is the summary of this morning’s keynote.

Google has gone from 70 million to 160 million users in less than a year. They have had some great feature since then as well. Version 11 that was recently released saw the largest jump of the user base for Google. Google also has their web store that has added functionality to the browser.

The web store is available in 41 languages and a developer that creates an app can reach all of those users and languages with their app. Google also has in-app payments, allowing users to remain in the app while making a payment. Google is making the in-app payment easy for developers to implement into their app, all you need to do is add a line of code. The best part is that Google is implementing a flat fee of 5% on purchases in the store, with no fixed fees, no monthly fees, no signup fees, and no licensing fees. That’s incredible, considering Apple charges 30% for its in-app purchases.

The developers at Rovio took the stage to make a few announcements. Angry Birds will be coming to the web, your Chrome browser. They have built the new game using WebGL, meaning if you use your Chrome browser to play you will get an HD version of the game. Also, because the game is browser based, they are able to cache the game for offline play when you don’t have an internet connection. And if you use your Chrome browser to play, you get a few exclusive levels named The Chrome Dimension.

Next on the docket, Chrome OS. They’re calling it Chromebook, stating the features as instant on, always connected, all day battery, access your stuff anywhere (it’s in the cloud), gets better over time, and built-in security. You can have several Chromebooks, and no matter where you are, when you turn it on, you get your latest data and the latest build of Chrome OS. With every software update, your Chromebook will get faster and more secure, which is unique to the Chromebook line. The Chromebook line will also have added offline support this summer for Gmail, docs, and calendar. Several other apps are also supporting offline mode in the web store as well.

The CR-48 laptop was brought up as well. They had over 1 million applications for the pilot program and sent out thousands of devices. I was lucky enough to receive one of these as well, and so far, it’s been a great little internet machine.

The first two Chromebooks to go retail will be brought to you by Samsung and Acer. Samsung has a 12.1-inch display, all day battery, headphone jack, built-in WiFi, and has an option for 3G coverage from Verizon in the US. Samsung will offer their WiFi model for $429 and the 3G model for $499. Available June 15th from Best Buy and Amazon.

Acer will also have a model available with an 11.6-inch screen, with WiFi and 3G models being available. Acer will be giving these out for $399 and up. They will also be available June 15th from Best Buy and Amazon. The best part about these 2 notebooks is that they will be jail breakable out of the box. They will have a jailbreaking mode that will allow you to play with the Kernel if you are really brave.

The Chrome OS platform has been upgraded in several ways, including a new media player that will play MP3’s and videos inside the OS, without any additional plugins or apps needed. They have also added support for media streaming, like Hulu and Netflix, right in the OS. And because Chrome OS is cloud based, there is support for the new Music Beta that we reported on yesterday.

Most of the applications will greatly help you if you are already a Google user, including Google Docs, Picasa, and others since the Chrome OS has support for these services. Google has also been working with for file handling and storage. Google is also working with dropbox to get the functionality added as well.

Today’s keynote brought some interesting news to the table and if you were lucky enough to be in attendance, you are getting a Chromebook today. There should be some more exciting news today about Chrome OS and Google, so stay tuned here for more news from today’s events.

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