Google Launches Music Beta (invite only) to Compete with iTunes

In relation to Google’s I/O event, they have launched their Music Beta service, by invite only, today. Music Beta allows users to store their music in the cloud and sync it wirelessly to their devices. Currently, they only mention this working on Android devices, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this worked with iOS as well, just not natively of course.

The above screen shot shows the main features of Google’s new service. You can listen to your music offline. Any song that you recently played will be available for offline play. I’m guessing they must cache a certain amount of songs to the device. You can also select certain songs or albums that you want available for offline play as well.

Syncing occurs over the air and in the cloud. Your playlists are automatically kept in sync, and you don’t need to worry about running out of storage space. There is no detail to how much space you will get, but knowing Google, you will get plenty, especially if you can share with your other accounts.

You can upload your entire music library, from multiple computers to one single library. You will also be able to add your iTunes library and all of your current playlists. And when you download new music, you can set it to automatically sync to your online music collection.

Once you log into Music Beta online, you have all the same functionality you are used to with other clients, such as iTunes. You can create custom playlists, use a feature called Instant Mix to automatically build a new playlist of songs that go together well. Once you create that playlist, it is available to any device that can access your music.

This is the right direction for Google, especially with Apples iCloud service coming and Amazons Cloud Drive service.

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